Thank you for your interest in employment at Lutheran Hospice. We are committed to patient safety, health, and comfort which is why we employ professional, highly-qualified staff members who demonstrate a passion for serving others and our community.

Our employees are provided competitive salaries, educational opportunities, and a comprehensive benefits package and are also rewarded for their outstanding work performance. Employees also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their daily work is valued and appreciated as they make a difference in the lives of our wonderful patients and their caregivers.

If you demonstrate a passion for helping older adults accept death while making the most out of every day, we encourage you to begin a wonderful career journey at Lutheran Hospice.

Our Hiring Process

At Lutheran Homes of South Carolina, we are proud to have a team of passionate people who find joy in helping other thrive throughout their retirement. We're happy for your enthusiasm to join us.

In order to ensure our continued excellence in providing quality health care and residential options for seniors, potential employees must undergo our pre-employment process upon acceptance of our conditional offer. Our hiring process can take up to ten business days.

Step 1

When a new hire accepts our conditional employment offer, the pre-employment process begins. This includes the following:

  • pre-employment physical
  • drug screening
  • two-step PPD Test (Tuberculin Skin Test)
  • background report
    • employment history verification
    • verification of all applicable licenses
    • criminal report

Once this step is completed and verified, new hires will then move on to the second step our of hiring process.

Step 2

After the completion of step one, the New Hire Orientation will be scheduled by the Human Resources Department. This may take anywhere from a few hours to all day. During the New Hire Orientation, you will be asked for important documents such as your driver's license and other forms of identification and licenses.

Once the New Hire Orientation is completed, the departmental orientation will be scheduled.

If you have any questions about or during this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources Department associated with your program or community.

If everyone took five minutes out of their day to help someone in need or to make a difference in the life of someone else, to put a smile on their face or turn their day into a great one, what would our world look like?

With that very idea in mind, Lutheran Homes launched an initiative known as Five to Thrive to create a culture of superb customer service and employee appreciation program.  Within the culture of Five to Thrive, (5TT) our employees are called TeamMates and our residents, clients, patients and families are called Priorities. 

It’s about taking the time for every encounter to be meaningful and every moment to count. It may be ensuring a Teammate’s birthday doesn’t go unnoticed and acknowledging a TeamMate for a job well done, or taking the time to carry in groceries for a Priority or recognizing a Priority’s wedding anniversary. When our TeamMates see someone in need they take an opportunity to make a difference.

Without relationships, we are nothing. With Five to Thrive, we are happier and better together.